Autumn Inspired Juju Hat Installation

A cluster of colourful juju hats. By Kronbali

 * Olive Green * Natural Brown * Orange * Peach *
As autumn settles in and all around nature turns golden orange, deep green, rust brown, 
I couldn't resist, I had to try out an autumn colored juju hat installation.
I worked with three sizes of juju hats and various tones of the same colors.

Close up of juju hat feathers. By kronbali

* Juju Hat Close Up *

A selection of vintage lassi cups from India. By Kronbali

 * Lassi Cups *

A very nice collection of Lassi cups, beautifully etched with delicate floral or graphic designs.
Perfect as a vase, paint brush or pen holder.

Natural feathered juju hat. By Kronbali

 * Standard Natural Brown & Wild Mix * 

olive green custom made juju hat. By Kronbali.

 * Standard Olive Green * 

Peach coloured juju hat. By Kronbali.

* Mini Peach *   

Cluster of autumn coloured juju hats. By Kronbali.

* Natural Brown * Cherry Pink * Peach *

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