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Bogho Rolls

Kronbali transformed rolls of Malian woven cotton textile bands called finimigu* into amazing decorative pieces. Ranging from wall installations, mantel piece objects or even contemporary cushions or poofs.

Both Jean-Marc and I spent many years in Mali, he for the love of traveling  through West Africa and I lived there from when I was 5 to 11. With all the tension this fabulous country has had to go through lately it seemed obvious to us that we needed to bond with the country again. 
Knowing the talent Malians have in weaving textile, still working in the traditional manner, using all the handed down techniques of their ancestors, we began searching for objects in that direction. It was very important for us to find an article that was still "traditionally hand made" but at the same time "exclusive" and "contemporary". The brainstorming began and thus we came up with the idea of transforming the *finimugu into a decorative object. This roll of woven cotton held all the elements we wanted. Simple and pure but when looked at closely it holds hours of meticulous craftsmanship. 
We will be presenting the Bogho Rolls for the first time at Maison & Objet Paris in September.
In the mean time, here is a little sneak peek.
For more information simply write to us at kronbali@kronbali.com

The Bogho Rolls currently come in the 6 colors.
Natural Cream, Rust Brown, Bright Orange, Ochre Yellow, Indigo Blue and Black.

The Bogho Rolls come in various sizes ranging from 20cm to 45cm in diameter.

*The finimugu is a 15cm to 20cm wide and 30cm to 100cm long strip of woven cotton.
The locally grown and harvested cotton is first spun into thread by women and then woven into strips of cloth by men using a single-heddle or double-heddle loom. These strips are rolled to form what we have called the Bogho Roll. Originally simply a way of stocking the fiminugu strips for further use in the creation of the bogolanfini. We on the other hand have kept the rolls as are to create the Bogho Roll.

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  1. Love the concept, the color, and the story you tell about yourselves, Mali and the finimugu.