How to unfold and hang a Juju hat

Here's a little "How To" post. It's about time right? 

Kronbali Juju Hat

1. A folded juju hat, that's how it is shipped and will arrive to you (wrapped in bubble in a solid box of course)
2. The b string is what you will need to "unwrap" (do not cut any strings!)
3. Once the b string is unwrapped you will push in the center d of the raffia support, placing both your hands as in the image your fingers grasping the raffia ring while your thumbs push in the center, you can also push with your knee, especially for the large once (as I was taking the photo my other hand was holding the camera)
4. The feathers will unfold like a flower, push all the way till the center sort of pops out.

Kronbali Juju Hat

1. Once the juju hat is unfolded you will place the feathers, they were all wrapped up so they need to "breath" now.
2. You can move the outer raffia sticks (covered in textile), do this to better place the feathers*
3. Once the outer feathers nicely placed brush out the inner feather. Do this by simply caressing them into place.
4. All set. Plant a nail where you want to hang the juju hat and hang onto the thread loop c tied on the raffia support ring.

* Notice I have marked thread a , this is an essential thread in the juju hat. It is the tread that holds the outer raffia sticks together, each stick sewn to the other. Make sure to NEVER cut this thread (as all others) but if your juju hat were to be a little too loose, this thread can be tightened. The process must be done very carefully but is far from complicated. Simply untie the knot, making sure that you don't undo the thread from the raffia stick, tighten the outer raffia sticks and retie the knot. Please note that if you were to tighten too much the hat will stand out more and be less flat so I suggest not tightening too much.

A special little tip that I've found very helpful. To fluff out your juju hat BLOW DRY it. Don't wet the headdress just blow dry it. The feathers will fluff up some. Especially useful when setting the outer feathers that have been bent some back into place after they've endured the shipping.

Last but not least, I suggest one treats the juju hats every three to four months against moths. Either use an anti moth spray found in most drugstores or place cedar wood behind the headdress. One can also put the headdress in the freezer over night or out in the freezing cold on a winter night.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at kronbali@kronbali.com


  1. Thank you so much for this post! My juju hat arrived yesterday. I struggled with it for 10 minutes before giving up and returning it to its box. After reading your very clear directions, I'm ready to give it another try! Wish me luck!

    1. Hello,

      I hope this post helped! If you have any questions I don't hesitate to get back to me.

      All my best,

  2. Anonymous31.3.16

    Thanks for this - the best post online about hanging Juju Hats!
    Question - I feel like my Juju isn't open all the way - I didn't get that "pop" you spoke of when opening it up.
    Perhaps I am paranoid as I have never seen these hung anywhere - can I hold it open somehow? Should it stay open on its own? How far off the wall should it be?

    Thanks in advance - any advice is welcome!

    1. Hi Annie,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Best would be if you sent me an email directly with a photo of the juju hat, then I could best evaluate the issue and send you some suggestions.

      Kindest regards,

  3. Anonymous31.3.16

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