When two friends get together

When Mathilde Labrouche from Coté Pierre and I get together we eat, drink champagne, talk, laugh tons and combine our various found objects.
Whilst Jean-Marc and I go to Africa and Asia, Mathilde, amongst many other projects, travels to Eastern Europe hunting down antique and vintage objects. She transforms some of them into amazingly contemporary objects such as her lamps (3). Other pieces, quite on the contrary, she leaves exactly as she found them, and the beauty of time is thus conserved (13).

All the pieces below are for sale. If you would like to purchase an object, would like the price list or would like more information, send me an e-mail here I'll get right back to you. 

With Christmas coming up, we even gift wrap and ship directly to your chosen address, simply request in your e-mail.

Happy shopping!

This sale is now over and thank those who participated.

1. Juju hat standard size white  2. Juju hat small size white   3. Vintage bottle lamp    
4. Mirror 19th century 40 cm x 57 cm   5. Mirror 19th century 50 cm x 88 cm   6.  Vintage glass bowl

7. Juju hat small fuschia  8. Juju hat mini fuschia  9. Bramble basket  10. Linen dyed rust red  
11. Linen dyed amber yellow  12. Gold tafta textile 60 cm x 230 cm  13. Chair 19th century gold painted  14. French Directoire table cherry wood

15. Juju hat standard size orange  16. Juju hat small size natural brown  
17. Bird painting gouache 18. Linen dyed indigo blue  19. Tikka box

1. Juju hat standard size white  20. Napoleon III Mirror 19th century
21. Mirror 19th century mercury glass  31. Linen natural off-white

1. Juju hat standard size white  22. Napoleon III  gold frame  23. Vintage glass jar   
31. Linen natural off-white

24. Juju hat mini size red  25. Mirror early 20th century green  26. Mirror end 19th century light green  
27. Mirror end 19th century dark green  28. Wooden shoe form  29. Wooden cap form

15. Juju hat standard size orange  30. Holy picture in gold frame 6. Vintage glass bowl

23. Vintage glass jar 32. Silver necklace 33. Conch shell prayer beads

For detailed photos please go here

Installations by Mathilde Labrouche
Photos by Sunshine Neven du Mont

You will find other photo's I took at Mathildes on the Kronbali facebook page.

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