Juju hat and Linghams

The above Juju hat has been Sold
The Lingham is an oval formed stone representing, in Hinduism, the universe and fundamental nature. 
Linghams are found only in the river Narmadâ in the Mandhata mountains in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Their form is naturally oval which makes them unique in the world. Man intervenes only in the polishing of the stones making them completely smooth and uniform.
Linghams can be seen in temples dedicated to Shiva or to any of his aspects. Disciples must keep the Lingham humid at all times by pouring either water over it or a mixture of milk, butter, honey and flowers. 
The Ujaiin site, next to the source of the Narmadâ river, where are honored two of the twelve sacred Lighams, 0mkâra and Amareshvara, is one of the seven sacred location in the Indian pilgrimage. 

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