Kronbali at the Maison & Objet Fair Hall 1 C73 from the 21/01 - 25/01

This week we've been setting up for the Maison & Objet fair in Paris (Villepinte). Most of our customers see our stand only once it's done so I thought it fun to share some photo's of how we set up.  

Brand new ladder! I threatened to quite K if the boss didn't get a new ladder.

 3 Kwh (not 1 Kwh more)
 Martin loving to help...

The Boss! First pole being set.

 It actually stands!!!!
 To the left
 To the right
 Starting to fill up

 Time to clean up

et voila! 

and then the show is over

We pack up with the help of Mona! Merci my dear

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  1. Anonymous21.1.11

    coucou, je love ton blogspot!!!! have many many clients for this saloon!! money money