Living with

The nice thing about dealing in antiques is that I get to live in the company of the most amazing objects. Of course, nothing ever stays; pieces come and go all the time.  I could leave our merchandise at the warehouse but I find that living with a piece over time helps me to get to know it in its intimacy, and that is a big plus when selling. I love change, which is what goes on all the time in my house. 
Lassi Glass : Engraved metal glass in which is served Lassi, a beverage made up of yogurt blended with spices, sugar and/or fruit, 18th century, Northern India, Pakistan, Afghanistan
 Pair of Gandharva : Celestial musician, gold leaf wood, 18th century, Tanjore, Southern India
Polychrome Tikka Box : Box in which is stored the red tikka powder used by Hindu Indians to mark their forhead, early 20th century, Punjab, India

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